Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

We would like to inform all our members that the card application is arranged in two stage process as outlined below:

1. Apply for a Bitkkah account and back-office via the Cloud app or This step has no cost attached, and we ask all members to complete this step as quickly as possible. (Note: iOS users while waiting upon the next app update may still apply through website).

2. Once members have successfully opened their Bitkkah account and have accessed the back office, application of the card from the menu can be quickly and freely completed at any time.

Both steps are very simple and the Bitkkah 24/7 Customer Service is excellent and efficient should you encounter any difficulties or have questions on the way.

As stated above, we ask our whole community to at least complete Stage 1 as quickly as possible to position each member adequately in preparation for the future v2.0 wallet release.

For members wishing to apply for the card now, this will greatly enhance your ability to immediately utilize the v2.0 wallet on release.


  • Members are able to use the card with your own cryptocurrency while waiting for the Cloud 2.0 release, which is extremely advantageous for people already holding crypto assets.
  • No funds/assets utilized with the Bitkkah Card pass through the Cloud 2.0 system, all monies are directly assigned through the Bitkkah system.
  • The Bitkkah pre-paid cards are all issued through established banks.
  • Once members have opened their Bitkkah accounts, the back-office is accessible not only from the app but also through website.

Stay tuned for more information soon!

Cloud 2.0 Team

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