OTC Update

Just for everyone’s convenience, here is a summary of basic information as we know so far about the coming OTC update. This message will be added to the current Pinned Message and I will update things as we go along

Conversion Limits

Monthly CTOX limit graph (these amounts includes ALL redemptions available in the app COMBINED (OTC, Grab etc), i.e you do NOT get these amounts for each individual redemption):

C0. 3000 CTOX
C1. 8000 CTOX
C2. 15,000 CTOX
C3. 30,000 CTOX
C4. 50,000 CTOX
C5. 100,000 CTOX


These amounts are per account, and upon OTC rollout your phone will limit you to one OTC account per device. (Note: you will still be able to access and manage ALL your Cloud accounts on one device, but that device will only allow you to use the OTC of ONE account. So when the rollout comes, make sure you are in your MAIN account when you click on the OTC function, because you will be limited to that account on that device from them on).

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