Dear Cloud 2.0 Community, 

We are very happy to see that more and more of our community has been signing up for the Bitkkah back office accounts.  

We would like to ask all members of our community who have not yet completed this step to take the time to sign up as quickly as possible. This first step costs nothing, and is the first stage in preparing for the new v1.0 wallet release,  and will also be a vital component of the new v2.0 wallet ecosystem.  

For members who have missed previous updates and are unsure of how to procede, please refer to the relevant CloudChat messages found in the links below:  

1. Android update 2.0.40: 

2. Bitkkah account registration notice and guide:  

We also ask that leaders and uplines also inform their teams and downlines of these instructions and remind them to begin starting the registration process.  

Cloud 2.0 Team 

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