Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

We are pleased to announce a new update for iOS users.

This update requires the installation of the TestFlight app from the Apple AppStore. Instructions are provided in the pictures below, in sequence from left to right. Click the link below for the latest iOS update:


This update features the new and convenient Cloud Prepaid opening page, which contains direct links for prepaid card applications as well as Bitkkah back-office account access for members who have already applied. Simply click on the “Cloud Prepaid” icon to enter.

If any members have not already done so, we encourage you to open your free Bitkkah account and set up your back-office as soon as possible as per the link below:

We again also inform all members to only apply for the Bitkkah account through the Cloud2.0 app or via Otherwise your future ability to convert CTOs in the new v2.0 ecosystem will be hindered.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to move forwards!

Cloud 2.0 Team 

For more information and detailed description visit

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