Important notice

Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

We would like to inform you that RibbonsSwipe testing process is going very well, and it is now in the fine-tuning stages.

Unlike in the past, this time we will be initiating the RibbonsSwipe rollout in a stage-by-stage staggered format, with a certain limited amount of accounts being activated daily for CTO-CTOX conversion. This will help to avoid any potential system overload and server crash caused by large numbers of members coming on line and commencing conversions all at the same time.

While this staggered rollout will be slightly slower than an immediate full-on startup, it will be beneficial for everybody to have the conversion process running smoothly and functioning well. The system can handle quite some numbers of accounts every day, so this controlled rollout process will not take long.

Please wait for more coming updates about RibbonsSwipe, and thank you for your patience as we finish polishing the system.


Cloud 2.0 Team

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