Important notice

Only less than 10 days left for CTOX Legacy holders to cash out.

With the RibbonsSwipe rollout, it is important to note that the old CTOX (Legacy CTOX) is now obsolete.

Members who in the past successfully converted their CTOs into Legacy CTOX have to cash it out on the RibbonsSwipe platform before the 28th of April. If you have not already done so, please immediately proceed to

Scroll to the bottom of the RibbonsSwipe homepage and you will see the following link:

Legacy CTOX

Just click on the link and follow the instructions to cash out your Legacy CTOX.

IMPORTANT: If any members have not cashed out before the 28th April, YOUR ASSETS WILL BE LOST. If this happens, Cloud will not be able to help you. We would like stress the importance for you to take action to protect your assets.

We kindly ask all uplines and team leaders to inform their members of this announcement as soon as possible to avoid any loss of funds.

Cloud 2.0 Team

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