Cloud Token Wallet Android version 1.9.9 is now available on the Google Play store

The functionality hasn't changed much. That's why it is hard to write a comprehensive article. The most notable changes are the addition of the "Swap" button on the home screen. Support (formerly "Feedback") has been moved to the left-hand menu. You enter your email-address and should hear back from support soon. I haven't tried it. Yet.

"Referral" is the new term for "Levels" and it has moved one slot to the left. "Order History is now just "History".

These are the changes I could detect. Maybe you have noticed other alterations? If so, get in touch. Here are two screenshots of Android version 1.9.9.

Cloud Token Wallet Android version 1.9.9

Download the Cloud Wallet Android app (Referral code 0250426370)


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