Cloud Token Wallet Android version 1.9.8 (including the early Atomic Swap function) is now available on the Google Play store

As Ronald Aai wrote earlier:

Consider this as a public beta for the Atomic Swap feature. Once we've ironed out all the bugs by the end of the week, we will add this function in JARVIS so CT members can save on the 10% penalty if trying to shift from non-stable cryptos to stable coins.

With the introduction of Atomic Swap you are able to start your Jarvis AI with more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

Atomic Swap

How it works

  • Go to Atomic Swap by clicking on the menu in the top left corner
  • Select the currency you want to exchange
  • Enter the refund address (that address will be used to send your crypto back if the transaction fails)
  • After successful payment your crypto will be converted to TUSD. You will find your TUSD in your Cloud Token Wallet

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Download the Cloud Wallet Android app (Referral code 0250426370)


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