#cloudtoken New version 1.9.14 is now available in the Google Play Store

Note: It started off as version 1.9.13 but soon became version 1.9.14. That's why I changed the title and the description, but not the page URL.

About versions 1.9.13 / 1.9.14: They come with an event option. You can directly purchase your tickets for the Cloud 2.0 launch party in Kuala Lumpur on October 5th 2019 by using CTOs from your wallet.

This is going to be a massive event which will define the company for years to come. If Cloud 2.0 takes off (which I fully believe), we will become a global player very soon. All the negative comments and the claims that Cloud Token Wallet is a scam will be answered accordingly. 

I don't know when the iPhone App will be updated, by the way. 

Cloud Token Wallet version 1.9.13 event function

Download the Cloud Wallet Android app (Referral code 0250426370)

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