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What is Cloud 2.0?

Cloud Wallet version 2.0 is a fully distributed wealth management digital wallet utilizing the 4th generation of blockchain technology, allowing users to securely transfer, store, earn and spend cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere.

It is simple and easy to operate, with hundreds of compression tests, powerful anti-theft technology to maximize the security of digital assets.

The 4.0 blockchain technology allows nodes to communicate and process data collectively, making sure a high transaction speed where it is capable to perform cross-chain encrypted exchange and payment for manufacturers, e-commerce and other products.

Cloud Wallet aims to address the inequality of the current financial systems, delivering true financial freedom back to all individuals by providing an integrated social and wealth management ecosystem.

Getting started

1. Download the app

Click the button below and download the official Cloud 2.0 App. The app can be downloaded directly to any iPhone or Android device. Click here to visit the official site

2. Enter referral code

When joining Cloud 2.0, you must enter in this referral code:


3. Fund your Cloud 2.0 Wallet

To receive daily passive earnings, you must deposit Bitcoin / Crypto into the Cloud 2.0 wallet. You are not sure where to buy crypto currencies? One of the best options is Binance. Some of the others are listed here.

We would recommend a MINIMUM of at least $500 - $1000 to get started. However a larger deposit will yield GREATER passive profits.

*Remember the value of Cloud 2.0 is predicted to increase exponentially. Larger deposits will yield greater passive profits.

*Please note to activate REFERRAL earnings you must deposit a MINIMUM of $500. It’s advised to deposit a larger amount due prices fluctuating with market volatility.

*As Ronald Aai put it: "We have had many complaints that users suddenly not getting payout.... We check most of it is because ETH price took a dive. So their account is no longer qualified. Do yourself a favor put in USDT more stable. If you hear rumors about USDT, I can only tell you this, USDT is used in all major exchanges and it has the highest traffic compared to other Stable Coins so much so by 10x. There are too much invested for all these exchanges to take a nose dive with this stable coin.

Cloud 2.0 supports USDT(ERC20)"

4. Transfer funds to Jarvis

Once your deposited amount is displayed, you must then move this Crypto over to the AI trading bot; JARVIS.

The bot will then start to trade your cryptocurrency for you. You will start to receive profits in Cloud Tokens (CTO) every 24 Hours

Please make sure to visit the YouTube channel and join the Cloud 2.0 Optimist Facebook Group and the CloudTwoPointZero Facebook page.

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